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Cat Paradise: 230 Selected Cat Poems: 115 English - 115 Vietnamese

Nhien Nguyen

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Author: Nhien D. Nguyen

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 250

Publisher: Nhien Nguyen

Release Date: 20-05-2019


What is it to be a cat? What drives a cat to behave a certain way?  Dr. Nhien Nguyen, a board-certified psychiatrist of 38 years, examines the peculiarities of feline behavior through personal observations of his family’s indoor and outdoor cats.

Having rekindled his passion to write poetry in 2012, Dr. Nguyen has written many hundreds of poems on a wide range of subjects. Cat Paradise is the culmination of over six years of writing on his and his wife’s eight feline friends.

In this collection of 115 poems, readers will come to know each of these feline friends as they are raised from kittens to adults. As an added bonus, each poem has been translated into Dr. Nguyen's native Vietnamese language. Vietnamese readers will immediately recognize that each poem is nuanced in Vietnamese vernacular as opposed to a literal translation.

Paperback and hardcover prints include color photographs of these felines and their home on quality 70-pound paper.

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Languages: English